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Welcome to Guinea Pig Owner! I’m Michelle. 

I founded Guinea Pig Owners for a few reasons, though the main reason was an incredible love for the beautiful species. If you, like me and my amazing crew, are interested in learning about how to take better care of your Guinea Pigs and the protection of the species around the world, then keep reading!

Let’s Take it from the Top!

When I was a little girl, my parents bought me my first guinea pig. He was a white and grey Peruvian, which my dad helped me name Odin. Since my first contact with the species, I’ve owned dozens of guinea pigs, from Skinny pigs to rare Texels. Over the time that I’ve owned and worked with Guinea Pigs, I’ve learned a lot. There is a ton of information that I have since learned but wish I had known sooner.

This is one of the reasons that I started Guinea Pig Owner – I strongly believe that countless guinea pig owners could benefit from the years of experience in handling, care, and the general understanding that my team and I have to offer.

Far too many Guinea Pigs suffer, not at the hands of abuse or carelessness, but rather poorly educated owners. The fault does not lie with the owner for the most part, but with those who have years’ experience in guinea pig care, who do not attempt to pass their knowledge to others who can benefit from it. These easy-going creatures are truly deserving of all the love that we can give, which includes the effort to care for them in the best way possible!

An Understanding of Each Breed

If you are a guinea pig nut like me, you likely know that there are thirteen (recognized) breeds of guinea pig. Each breed has a unique set of needs that keep them happy and healthy. For this reason, we make sure that we cover all the areas of care important to each breed carefully and in the best way possible. This means that no matter your pet’s shape, size, or breed, you will find all the information you need to provide them the best care possible!

If you notice that we have not covered something important and would like us to make sure that we are even more thorough in the future, then reach out to us! Although my team’s knowledge is huge, we are not safe from false information or mistakes and only learn through your feedback!

The contact form on our Contact Us page goes directly to my email, which means that any comments that you have will be received and read by me personally!

Keeping Guinea Pigs Off the Dinner Plate

Another urgent area of work for us is to educate readers about people eating Guinea Pigs. These harmless creatures, like many other animals considered a part of the dinner menu in many countries, are slowly increasing in demand, as diners in the US increase their demand for the species. While some argue that the animal is an ideal replacement for traditional meat, we consider the practice terrible and make it our mission to push back against this rising trend.

Even if you’re not concerned about people eating guinea pigs, you should consider the health effects of eating them, because no federal regulatory bodies track the import of the species (at least not at the time of writing this). The health impact of unregulated meat consumption alone is enough to find value in the fight against this issue.

The Learning, Teaching Cycle

As with all that we do in life, we are constantly learning. Not only do we learn from experience in raising guinea pigs, but we also learn from you, the reader! The constant feedback and tips that we receive from our readers help us to always learn about the best way to care for our guinea pigs, allowing us to offer even better advice about how to care for them.

This community that we have built is simply amazing and I am excited to grow along with it! This is a huge part of what keeps me motivated every day. Each day offers a new way to make my guinea pigs happier, healthier beings that enjoy the full benefit of the knowledge that you pass onto me and the team. This also offers future readers the benefit of our shared knowledge!

For this reason, I ask that you become not just a reader here, but an active member of the community – one that helps us to grow from strength to strength!

Making Your Life Easier

There are a ton of ways to keep guinea pigs. Indoor cages, for example, can be ideal for some and a complete nightmare for others. In cases like these, hutches may be a better solution for the housing of your guinea pig/s. Because of this, we offer thorough breakdowns of not only the best hutches available but the things you should keep in mind before purchasing them.

This is how we structure all our posts – with a solution and useable steps for not only better care, but more enjoyment for you as an owner. We understand that, like with any pets you may own, guinea pigs pose unique challenges that each owner must deal with. Therefore, Guinea Pig Owner not only adds value to the lives of your pets but to yours too!

Get in Touch with Me!

As I made mention above, I simply love hearing from our readers; it truly makes my day to meet other guinea pig enthusiasts! Head over to our Contact Us page if you have any questions, concerns, or advice for me and the team.

Michelle Dees
Editor at guineapigowner.com